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Hey there, I'm the Ganja Cat, the breeder here at


On this website you will find my seed lines, as well as descriptions of the clones and strain lineages I use for my seeds.


I also have some                   and I'm doing        articles, so if you want, check them out! There might be something in there you haven't read or seen before elsewhere. You probably have though. But you never know until you look! ^~^


And then there's instaweed. Or weedstagram. You know that insta-crap. Go follow me there and check out my pictures, you'll find more shots of my clone varieties and seed lines, but also posts of scientific graphs, charts and other useful and fun cannabis science and historical information!


Oh, and other stuff like giveaways, information on when new drops are coming and new strain additions, auctions, all the things meow!


I have done lots of research into the history and origin of the Bubblegum variety and the Bubble Gum clones out there that existed and may still exist. Why? Cause it's my favorite favorite strain ^_^


As all histories of the Bubblegum strain go, a person named Silverback was one of the lead progenitors of the line, created back in the early 70s.


The strain was started from a clone, that was kept, used to make seed batches, and also passed around to different hands from time to time.


This clone, and seeds from this line, have spawned many other Bubblegum seed lines and clones, captivating smokers with the strain's sweet bubblegum flavors, unforgettable highs, frosty, sticky nugs, and many other desirable traits....


But mostly of course the flavor and the high! Such amazing flavor, such an incredible, electrifying high ^_^~


I've had Silverback's Original Bubble Gum clone for over 10 years now, and this clone is the legendary start of the Bubblegum line from Indiana.


Check out my           section for more information on the Original Bubble Gum clone and other clone varieties I have as well as my Blog for an upcoming article on the history of the Bubblegum strain and original Bubble Gum clone!

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