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Cannnabis Grow Guides

This PDF guide is a compilation of the Growing Large Plants Outdoors thread over at the forums.


I compiled this guide from information in that thread for fun a long time ago and had been sharing it around on that website and also privately, now it is here for you to download openly, share, learn, and enjoy the pleasures of growing large plants outdoors!

Maybe there can be a new contest to see every year how big one can go? .. Is that.. Is that something I should do?


The methods you see here were developed earlier on, in the 2005s-2010s and I am sure have been changed or updated or revised over time now as it has been 10+ years since this guide's creation, particularly IPM and the use of Brix mix, but a lot of the things you will see and learn still largely hold true; timing for planting, pot size, transplant, staking and using trellises as the plant grows over time, pruning, using compost and earth worm casting teas, soil mixes, building hoop houses, light deprivation for multiple harvests, and so on!


Everything you need to grow large plants outdoors!!! Let's do it! Share this far and wide! Update it! Send me it, share that! I'll share it too!

I'll very likely be making more grow guides and also blogging about grow tips and other things about cannabis, so be sure to check back as I keep updating this area and my blog section!!

Free Pdf Download

Free Pdf Download

Growing Large Plants Outdoors Guide (Large File)

Growing Large Plants Outdoors Guide (Small File)

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