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General Discussion

Talk about anything on your mind! Post stories, news, videos, and other general comments! Don't be (too much) of a dick!

Cannabis News and Science

Post and talk about the latest Cannabis News and Science Discoveries!

Political Bullshit

1894 or 1776? Lets keep the 2nd Civil War on the internet so we can come together for the 2nd Revolution in the streets!

Stocks + Crypto + Economics

Talk about money!! Gold, Silver, and Metals! Stocks, Crypto, Economics and the Economy as a whole! Show Your Stacks!

Physical + Digital Security

Discuss Physical and Digital Security and Hacking! How to secure yourself, your data, and identity online and IRL!

Cannabis Gardening Questions

Find answers to your Cannabis gardening questions and share knowledge with others!

New Growers - Gardening Basics

A place to newer growers to learn the basics and ask questions about gardening indoors and out!

Problems, Pests, Pathogens

Share your gardening problems and find solutions! Post about pests, nutrient deficiencies, molds, and how to fix them!

Cannabis Breeding + Cultivars

Talk about Cannabis breeding and Cannabis cultivars (aka strains). Discuss genetics, breeders and new crosses and lines!

Gardening Products

Talk about, review and rate the growing products used in the Cannabis industry! Showcase new products and light fixtures

Advanced + Commercial Growing

A place for growers + breeders to discuss commercial growing products and problems, advanced topics, and latest science!

Cannabis Tissue Culture

Discuss Cannabis Tissue Culture! Show your lab, post your techniques! Help others learn how to do this important process