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Clone Varieties

Welcome to the Clone page! Here you can find information and pictures on the clonal varieties, sometimes known as "strains", that are used in my crosses!

Some of these are known as "heirloom" and "legendary" clones, and the reality is legends are sometimes true, and an heirloom is whatever is worth keeping ^~^

Original Bubble Gum

Original Bubble Gum Description

Thought gone forever, or to some only a myth, the Original Bubble Gum clone, also known sometimes as “Indiana” Bubble Gum, has spawned many seed lines.


This legendary clone-only is strong, stable, and potent! She has a true “big league chew” bubblegum flavor, the kind you wouldn't believe unless you smoked it before! A 56 day flowering time under HPS, Bubble Gum can be taken down as early as 51 days under CMH lighting! Delicious nugs that are frosty, sticky, and smooth when fired up!!


Bubble Gum's origins are mysterious and this gem is no different! Bubble Gum is considered to have come out of Indiana, and originally created in 1971 as a lucky cross by a person known online cannabis forums as "Silverback". Cuttings of Bubble Gum then traveled from the Midwestern United States but in particular to New England, and seeds moved around the USA eventually making their way to Holland where the Bubblegum strain was worked as a seed line and became extra famous.


This has resulted in not only loss of stability in the Bubble Gum strains purchased from Holland breeders but also loss of potency and yield along with difficulty eliciting a strong and true bubblegum flavor, which must be pheno-hunted for with seeds of Bubblegum lines from Holland breeders.


Bubble Gum from America and USA breeders, if they have the original cuts, do not have these issues of stability, potency, or loss of yield, and is true-to-type with the bubblegum flavor and aroma!

Bumble Bee

(Bubble Gum x Purple Star)

Bumble Bee (Bubble Gum x Purple Star) Description

Bumble Bee is a select elite clone-only cultivar that is the resultant cross from the Original Bubble Gum clone and a Purple Star pollen donor.


Popped from a seed in 2014, Bumble Bee true hybrid vigor cutting growing twice as fast and tall as either parent, efficient feeding, easy growing, and heavy yielding with a very short flowering time!!

These quick turnarounds for awesome production combined with sticky, resin coated buds and leaves make her a real delight for both growing and smoking.


Possessing distinct orange, sweet citrus, and spicy sandalwood flavors, along with a soaring psychedelic high, Bumble Bee can finish as early as 49 days under CMH lighting, but can be taken as long as 63 days!

Pineapple Mimosa