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Ganja Garden

We are an organization dedicated to always giving you the highest quality cannabis products

That means we use no pesticides, every time, all the time - always.

We always test all products for molds, heavy metals, and contaminants, and assure the highest standards of quality control.

And, we always hand trim only. No machines rip up our flowers!

All our products no matter where you find them will always be consistent and the same every time you get them, always!

Ganja Garden

Retail Cannabis Dispensary Locations:

 Coming Soon!!


Ganja Garden

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locations:

Coming Soon!!


At Ganja Garden we combine cutting edge science and top industry experts to bring forth the cleanest, highest quality cannabis products to the community.

We also fund cutting edge research and offer knowledge and insight for growers and breeders of all varieties - from small home growers to the largest commercial operations.

We want an open community of all cannabis lovers to have a place to come and share their knowledge, experience, history and future dreams!

Without each other, growers will never be able to stop the pests and diseases that plague grows.


We want to spread the knowledge that these pests can be stopped and help cannabis growers to identify and stop these problems, and ultimately eliminate them from our gardens!

To do this, we have the Ganja Garden Forums - a place for growers to talk about their gardens no matter what the size or where they are, for experts and scientists to offer expertise and education, and for everyone to to talk about the products, and plant, they love!

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